Cross Tattoo On Wrist With Bible Verse

Cross tattoos are one of the most popular of all tattoos used by people worldwide. It is advised that while you completely ink a tattoo on your body, you need to always reconsider your belief and feelings about the tattoo type as it shall be with you for the rest of your life.

There are various styles of cross tattoos all throughout the world. Individuals have actually often utilized the sign of a cross in many spiritual groups, spiritual courses and also in certain tribal art kinds.
In this post we are going to narrow the options of cross tattoos and broadly categorize them into four significant classifications.


The Christian cross tattoo generally symbolizes the bearer’s faith. Using this common cross check in their body the tattooed individual reveals his body as a canvas where they can proclaim their love and faith for Jesus Christ. So if you wish to reveal your identity as a Christian and represent your uniqueness as a bearer of this faith then this is the best type of cross tattoo for you.


The Celtic cross tattoos are more likely in revealing the heritage of the Irish, Scottish, Welsh and other Celtic nationals and not so much on faith. The intricate style of the Celtic cross that includes spirals, weaves and labyrinths mimics the elaborate interrelation of nature in the Celtic way of life. The Celtic cross portrays the cycle of life where there is no beginning and no end. It is symbolic of the seasons of nature which is a metaphor of life in the Celtic world.


The Cross Moline tattoo represents the order of the English knighthood. The design of these cross were the way to identify the contenders during battles when the soldiers deal with was covered with iron masks and guards. These crosses represented the dark ages, the queen and the magic swords, jousting competitions, fair maidens, slaying dragons, the renaissance duration therefore numerous others.


The Gothic cross tattoos represent the pain and sufferings of the dark ages in the European history. If you happen to be an individual who has a much deeper understanding of nature and have actually been finding yourself out of location with it and have accepted all your discomforts with a smile, then this design shall match you extremely well. It’s a symbol which genuinely relates the dark side of life and is frequently tattooed at the palm of the feet.

If you do choose to tattoo a cross on your body be sure to analyze these four types of crosses so that you tattoo something that fits your beliefs or your heritage.