Ear Piercing Ideas For Females

In ancient times people use to complete piercing on their own ears as a part of their religious tradition. It is also been mentioned in Bible. In ancient cultures of some Asian and African countries, this tradition was quite normal.

Ear Piercing, From Culture to Fashion

Earlier in the 1800s ear piercing was limited to women, but later men also adopted ear piercing and yes it became an important part with their fashion statement. Ear piercing is regarded as the common form of body piercing. It can be achieved on different location inside your ears. Some common kinds of ear piercing are discussed below:

1) Ear lobe piercing: The piercing done for the ear lobe takes very much a shorter period to heal when compared with other sorts of piercing. Generally five to six weeks time is needed next kind of piercing. This makes it the most frequent form.

2) Horizontal lobe piercing: When people desire to wear a barbell on their own ear, horizontal lobe piercing can be used. It is done horizontally parallel on the ear lobe.

3) Rook piercing: Rook is found on the uppermost section of the ear. This is among the thickest area of the ear. Not everyone will surely have rook piercing because it takes a lot of time to heal and comparatively more space is essential for piercing.

Ear piercing may or may not suit anyone. It depends upon the body and face structure of people. Ear piercing is normal in a few cultures and it could possibly be alien to others. Piercing needs to be done keeping each of the factors in mind.